DOPE!!!   This is the official music video for GLC's "Clockin' Lotsa Dollarz" featuring Bun B and Sir Mix-A-Lot.  You might recognize GLC from his numerous guest appearances and most notably on Kanye West tracks.  He is signed to Yeezy's G.O.O.D. Music label and will be releasing his upcoming album, Love, Life& Loyalty on October 12th.

I've been hearing a lot more from GLC lately and I have to say, I'm definitely a fan.  I always thought he had some crazy potential based on his guest appearance joints but after getting some recognition, he just seemed to disappear.  I guess he's just been spending lots of time putting together some quality music.  Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Here is a quick recap of some of his work that you will probably recognize.

I forgot to put up a Thursday Throwbacks post yesterday because I basically had no idea what day of the week it was.  Whoops.  So I decided to hit you off with two joints from the Alkoholiks to make up for it.

The Liks have a ton of dope joints but "Make Room" and "Daaam!" might be my favorites.  These dudes are some of the best lyricists/rappers to ever come out of the West Coast.  They've got that rapid fire flow and dirty beat style that was influenced by the East Coast but still had the West Coast swagger.

I'm surprised they never did better commercially since they have some nice radio/club joints but there was a ton of competition back in the 90's so it's understandable that they flew a little under the radar.  If they came out today, they would destroy the competition. 

If you have never listened to one of their albums, I suggest you start with their first one 21 & Over and then take it from there with Coast II Coast, Likwidation, X.O. Experience and Firewater.  All of them are nice and the first 3 are classics.  You can also check out their best of material on the album Bar Tab. 

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This is some hot shit right here!  The Game has been in the zone lately with all of the new material he's been dropping.  His latest mixtape "Brake Lights" is NASTY and his next official release The R.E.D. Album is shaping up to be a monster.

A lot of people thought he was going to fall off after he left G-Unit years ago but it turns out he is the only one that is actually thriving out of that whole crew.  Dude is a beast and just keeps getting better with age.  Respect.

Download the Brake Lights mixtape at  Shit is nice. 

Cot damn!!!  Now that's a fuckin' video.  Literally!  Dude had to have smushed after the video shoot. That's just too much booty to try and ignore.  You better do something about it when it's right in your face like that.  Wow.

In case you didn't recognize the original, this is a slight remix of Robin Thicke's "It's In the Morning" featuring Snoop which is a badass song for when you're getting down with the ladies...

This is the official music video for "Deadly Medley" by Black Milk featuring Royce Da 5'9" and eLZhi off his new album, Album Of The Year, dropping on September 14th.

I'm not sure if the album will live up to it's super ballsy title but this track is definitely some dope shit. Black Milk makes some dirty ass beats and his flow has improved tremendously over the past few years so I expect him to bring some heat on this new joint.  If you've never heard any of his old stuff, I suggest you give it a listen.  His production skills are definitely solid.

Oh shit!  This remix of Kanye's "Power" is hard as hell!  Wow.  I think this is better than the original if that's even possible.  Kanye is not messing around anymore.  He is bringing some serious heat.  This new album is going to be ridiculous!

Jay-Z destroyed this track and I think that got Kanye to step his lyrics up big time.  I could do without Swizz Beatz yappin' on the track but I do like how they switched up the beat and went with an old school sound.  You can even hear the "I've Got the Power" sample in the background.  Shit is hot!!!

Download it now before the links disappear.  128K and 256K versions available.

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I just finished listening to my boy Lorenzo's new mixtape "Fresh Out the Box" and the shit is tight.  If you're looking for some new R&B with a Hip Hop influence then you should definitely check it out.  He's got a unique sound and style that combines a sing song rappin' type flow on the verses while still being able to bang out the notes on the hooks or some of the more traditional R&B tracks like "Unthinkable". 

If you are from New England you should definitely support him since he's from the Boston area.  Rappers and producers from Boston have been increasing in popularity over the past few years but there really isn't anyone out there currently reppin' the Bean in the R&B arena so there is definitely an opportunity for him there.

Download Lorenzo's "Fresh Out the Box" mixtape for free at

Here are a few tracks from the mixtape as well as a little acapella rendition of "Billionaire":