Damn!  Where the F has been B.G. been?  Remember this dude?  He was hot as shit for a few years with Cash Money Records and was killin' it back in the early 2000's until he disappeared an was rumored to have a serious drug problem (heroin maybe?).  A lot of people give credit to Lil Wayne for coining the term "Bling Bling" but the song was actually on B.G.'s album Chopper City in the Ghetto so he has to get some credit for that.  He was by far one of the best Southern rappers of the time. 

He has been doing his thing for the past few years on the underground circuit and this might be his best song in years.  I wasn't sure what to expect at first but he is really killing it on this track.  The beat is dope and the bass absolutely pounds your speakers.  The hook from Magnolia Chop is very respectable and the song itself is just catchy as hell.  B.G. even sounds like he has a renewed flow that is a little more complex and his voice sounds like it has matured.  I was bobbin' my head real hard to this joint.  This is definitely bangin'!

B.G. Feat. Magnolia Chop - "Keep It 100"

B.G. A.K.A. B.GIZZLE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!! Pictures, Images and Photos

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