Guess who's back?!?!  YAAAAAYYYAAAAH!!!  It's ya boy, Lil Jon!

That crazy ass dude with the platinum grill and iced out pimp cup is finally ready to drop another album.  Some people might be sick of his style since he really doesn't rap and is just a glorified hype man aka Flavor Flav Jr. but I still can get down with most of his joints.  The guy just has too much damn energy!  He always gets my head noddin' with his rambunctious call and response and futuristic uptempo beats..

I was just recently wondering where the F$#% Lil Jon was hiding out for the past few years since he has been fairly quiet.  I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot more from him in the next few months as he gets ready to drop his new album Crunk Rock.  As annoying as he can be at times, I still love his records.  I will definitely cop this when it drops to get those party joints loaded up.

Lil Jon ft. Snoop Dogg and Swizz Beatz - "I Do" 

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