Sean Kingston is definitely growing as an artist.  I thought he was just going to be some generic Reggae/Pop artist when he dropped "Beautiful Girls" a couple of years ago but he has been putting out some dope shit lately.  I think this kid is going to be around for a long time and he's definitely got some skills.

"Mista DJ" isn't quite a club track because of it's slower tempo but I could see myself playing this early in the night before the club starts poppin' off.  If you listen close, you will notice similar elements to Lil Wayne's "Go DJ" in the beat which is kind of cool.  I'm assuming whoever produced this track was giving a nod to Wayne's track because of the similar titles and not trying to completely jack it.  Otherwise, they would be stupid to think people wouldn't notice the similarities.

Here is the link to Weezy's "Go DJ" on YouTube since I can't embed it here.  For some stupid F'n reason, Universal Music Group disables embedding for all of their videos.  WTF!!!  I am trying to promote your shit here.  What is wrong with record labels these days?
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