Awww Man!  Meth and Red are back!  Where the F have these dudes been?  It's about time we heard from them again.  I thought they both gave up on Rap but I'm glad they are back at it.  This is a sick track from two of my favorite rappers.  These dudes never get the props they deserve as solo artists and they are even crazier as a duo.

Method Man & Redman - "Ay Yo"

I heard Blackout 2 was on it's way months ago but I didn't want to get too excited because things always fall through these days when it comes to the music industry.  It's nice to see that there's not only a few songs but an actual video!
The original Blackout is still one of my favorite albums.  That still holds up to this day.  I think it was WAY ahead of it's time.  I really hope Meth and Red come correct on this album and bring everyone back to the real Hip Hop!
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