I'm definitely feeling Cam'ron's new joint "Let's Talk About" featuring Jadakiss.  The beat is hot and both Cam and Jada do some nice work on the mic.  I love how the chorus and beat starts to fade out and then comes back in hard for the next verse.

I think Cam'ron had the better verse but it's been awhile since he put out some new material so he's bound to have more original ish to spit.  I've been hearing a lot more Cam'ron joints floating around lately and it sounds like he is rejuvenated and ready to show these young fools how it's done.

I thought he lost his motivation and swagger a few years back when he was putting out garbage songs with shitty beats and ridiculous lyrics that no one could understand but hardcore Dip Set fans.  I think he just needed a break from the game for a minute to clear his mind.  I'm hoping he gets back to the style and flow from the Come Home With Me and Purple Haze albums for his new one Crime PaysHe is due!!!     

Cam'ron ft. Jadakiss - "Let's Talk About"

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