I was expecting to hate this new Drake track "Shut It Down" but it's actually pretty damn good if you like real R&B.  Even though Drake uses a heavy dose of Auto-Tune (which always pisses me off), I still found myself vibin' out to it. A lot of the comments on YouTube were saying that The Dream messed it up but I don't agree.  I love everything he puts out and his sound was all over this.  I don't know for sure but I would bet that he also produced the track.  

"Shut It Down" is definitely not going to be for everyone but that's what makes Drake so interesting as an artist.  He can drop a slow jam for the ladies and then hit you off with some lyrical heat on the next one.  His fan base is pretty versatile because of that which means he will always be able to sell a ton of records.  I can't even hate on the dude.  He's got some skills. 

Drake - Shut It Down feat. The-Dream

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