That's what I'm talking about!  It's about damn time a rapper put out a chill video where they didn't take themselves so seriously for once.  Everyone is always acting so hard and just wasting their damn energy.  Chill out and have some fun!  Snoop's video for "That Tree" ft. Kid Cudi has that vibe and it kind of reminds me of the DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince "Parents Just Don't Understand" video.  How can either of these videos not put you in a good mood instantly?

This defintiely a different vibe for Snoop since it sounds more like a Cudi like track but it definitely works.  Snoop crushes both verses and Cudi brings the heat on his verse and hook.  This is just a dope track all around.  This has definitely been on my personal playlist for awhile and continues to get heavy rotation. Dope shit!

Download Snoop Dogg Ft. Kid Cudi - "That Tree" on Snoop Dogg - More Malice - That Tree (feat. Kid Cudi)

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