OK.  It's official.  Recovery is going to be a monster.  Every song I've heard off of the album so far has been ridiculous and Em is back to his old self...FINALLY.  This new joint "Won't Back Down" has a rock vibe to it but he still brings the heat with his aggressive and fired up flow.  Having Pink on the track seems like a strange collaboration at first but they are actually very similar in personality and their "Fuck You" attitude so the collaboration actually makes a lot of sense. 

Recovery has already leaked but I'll wait for the legit released date of June 22 to purchase my copy.  This shit is going to be ridiculous.  I can feel it...

While we are talking about Em, here is a recent interview he had on The Jonathan Ross Show from the UK.  He talks about how he wasn't really happy with Relapse and that he thinks Recovery is finally back to his old style that everyone has been asking for over the past few years.  Good shit.

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