This shit is hot!  Consequence and Styles P brought the heat on this one.  Just in case you couldn't tell, that was an interpretation of The Police's classic hit "Don't Stand So Close to Me" in the hook.  If you didn't know that though, you need to step your old school music knowledge up a bit because that was a really obvious one. I love how they took a happy and fairly uptempo pop song and flipped it into something grimy.    

WTF is up with Consequence's teeth by the way?  Cot damn! That is a solid mouthful of white chicklets hanging from those gums!  Dude needs to shave those things down with a nail file or something.  He looks like an f'n beaver with a set of dentures.  I think if he could fix that grill a bit, people would pay a lot more attention to him because the guy's got skills. Right now, he's just scaring all women and children within a half mile radius.

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