You can now count me as an official Dirt Nasty fan because I am loving his new track "Nasty As I Wanna Be".  It's catchy as hell and that simple but infectious old school sounding beat was produced by Alchemist.  WOAH!  I did not see that one coming. That's crazy!

The video is funny as shit and was shot entirely from a VHS recorder.  Awesome.  They kept it legit with all of the throwbacks too.  I think I even saw a Nick Swardson cameo as the guy fake jerking it in an old J.R. Rider Minnesota Timberwolves jersey on the side of the road.  So random! 

I posted the "Fuck Ed Hardy" video featuring Andy Milanokis that came out around this time last year. You might also recognize his original hit "1980" from a few years ago which somehow has almost 4 million views on YouTube.  I still can't get over the fact that Dirt Nasty is the alter ego of pretty boy Simon Rex.  Dude is way funnier than I would have ever expected. 

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