Damn!  Sean P is destroying both of these tracks!  I'm still confused why he doesn't get more love from Hip Hop fans though.  He's definitely respected by the underground but he's never been able to get much notoriety outside of the circle of true Hip Hop heads even though he's better than 95% of the people rapping these days.

This dude is so nasty on the M-I-C.  He's got crazy lyricism, sick flow, mad energy and a very unique sounding voice.  What more do you want from a rapper?  Some of the shit this dude says is crazy.  How can you not appreciate this?

Firecracker, rap with a short fuse,
Backsmack a rapper for rapping with autotune.
Fuckin' rappin' computer thug,
Stick the harddrive in yo ass, computer love.

I've been a huge Sean P fan ever since he first came on the scene as Ruck from Heltah Skeltah as part of the Boot Camp Click.  I was pissed when Heltah Skeltah broke up but luckily Price kept grinding and has been putting out quality material for like 14 years.  Here are a few of my favorites from the Heltah Skeltah days.  Their album Nocturnal is definitely a classic:

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