It's nice to see a solid underground group like Slum Village still making dope music after all these years.  Record sales are down across the board and since they never sold a ton of records even at their height of popularity back in the mid 2000's, it would be easy for them to call it a day and try their hand at something other than music.  

Luckily, they are still making that dope shit that true Hip Hop heads can appreciate.  Their new track "Faster" is a little more on the commercial side with an R&B twist but it's still got that classic laid back Slum Village sound.  I'll definitely be picking up a copy of their new album Villa Manifesto when it drops on July 27, 2010. 

Here are a few of my favorite Slum Village tracks.  If you don't know about them, get familiar and support real Hip Hop. 


"Selfish" featuring Kanye West

"Climax" featuring a special guest appearance by Gary Coleman (R.I.P.)

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