"Got Your Back" is T.I.'s new single off of the King Uncaged album that's set to drop on September 28th.  This is obviously the radio friendly, R&B flavored club hit that we have come to expect as the lead single from each of his past 3 albums.

It's not as good as "Live Your Life" and I don't expect it to be as big of a hit but it's still a decent song.  I'm sure the ladies will like it and that's all that really matters for a single like this.

I'm sure the rest of the album will be a lot harder and satisfy the true T.I. fans.  He's toned down his subject matter quite a bit because of the arrangement he had during his last jail sentence but according to a recent article I read in XXL, it sounds like he is ready to get back to the old T.I. sound. We shall see... 

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